Cash Management

Is your cash coming in and disappearing all too quickly from your business?

We can help you control the ins and outs and help you manage your cash.

Tracking your cash is an essential practice for every business and we can help make it easier.   Using simple tools and methods we can help manage your cash and facilitate your company’s cash flow.   Our cash management system has been designed to take the burden off you, and allows us to put all invoices and bills into the same place for your approval.

CH Financial can help organise your cash management system.  So whether you’re a small business trying to track your outgoings, or a larger organisation who want to pin-point waste, calling in an experienced bookkeeper could be the answer to your problems.

Our Cash Management service can also help analyse where your cash is coming from, what sales area, which salesperson, and more in-depth information.  We will run reports on who your best customer is, and what products are the best sellers.  This information can help your business effectively prioritise your top sellers and increase your cash flow.

Tools CH Financial Use

  • Cash Receipts and Sales Journals
  • Cash Disbursements Journal
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Cash Flow Statements

By joining up the dots between your receipts and sales and your invoices and expenses we will work with you to show you how you can maximise your business today!

Do you need some cash flow management assistance?  Then look no further, based in the London area we at CH Financial are happy to help.   Why not get in touch today, and book your consultation.



‘Does an excellent Job! I would highly recommend this firm for your accounts. 10 out of 10!’
James I.T. Consultant, Surrey

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