Business Plans

If you’ve got a new business idea, or are looking to progress one already in motion you need a Business Plan.

From opening a business bank account to seeking credit, this is a must for any new or established venture.

Starting on a new path with a business venture can be scary.  CH Financial, London, can help hold your hand as you work through the trials and tribulations associated with starting a new venture.  We have expertise and experience when it comes to dealing with and starting up owner-managed businesses and are equipped to offer advice and guidance to business owners who want to hit the ground running.

Including CH Financial in your start-up business plan means that you can rely on us for support, guidance and our expertise.

CH Financial Business Plans will help your new venture:

  • Grow
  • Increase profitability
  • Improve efficiency
  • Improve your financial control
  • Deal with and monitor Cash Flow
  • Forecast and deal with risk management

Talk to us about your business and we will be able to produce a detailed and specific business plan which can be used for internal or external presentation.  We will be able to create in-depth financial forecasts, which have been tailored to your businesses specific objectives.   Or we can provide you with a critical, honest and constructive appraisal of your new business plan.  This will include recommendations (if you need any!) of how you can improve your business plan and make it more attractive to potential investors.

Working with an experienced bookkeeper can be one of the most important investments your new business makes.  Why not contact us today and we can talk through your business plan and how we can improve it.



‘Chris has worked with us since October 2014. He has been brilliant in supporting  the team with their financial set up, reporting and every day running of the business. I couldn’t recommend Chris enough’

Mel Capleton, Director Open Air Fit Ltd.

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