Self-employed ‘need more support’

Self-employed workers should get more support in running their businesses, says a review commissioned by the government from a leading entrepreneur.
The review, led by businesswoman Julie Deane, is calling for them to have similar rights to company employees, such as enhanced maternity privileges.
The report said that self-employed people now stood at 4.6 million or 15% of the UK workforce, an all-time high.
Its said self-employment ‘should not mean that people are disadvantaged’.
‘It is important that with the increased growth in self-employment, and the subsequent benefits that this group brings to the economy, that there are systems in place to support self-employed in the same way as the employed,’ the report added.
In particular, the rport called on the governemtn to consider increasing the maternity allowance paid to self-employed people for the first 6 weeks, brining it into line with statutory maternity pay that employees receive.


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